Fire may not be alive, but it brought an organic, living quality to many parts of our house. These soffits descended from their home along the edge of our house, almost as though they were trying to escape. And maybe they were. Out of control fire has a tendency to inspire that kind of reaction.

The fire department arrived in time to keep the destructive force from going out of control. The universe may have conspired to take out house, our stuff, and a lot of barriers away in the form of a fire, but it also arranged for a heavier than expected snowfall. This resulted in a car accident five minutes away from our home, which the Hooksett fire department was responding to. The truck left the scene of the accident to fight our fire.

According to the fire chief, it saved ten minutes of driving and that — and my own attempts at suppressing the fire — saved our house from complete destruction.

On February 5th, we were supposed to get two inches of snow. We got eight. But it worked out in our favor.