We had a good number of photos around the house. Not as many as I would have liked (I’ve always had a hard time “finalizing” a piece for hanging), but the ones that were up there were some of my favorites.

Photo paper does better with heat than regular paper. But only slightly.

The photos that were in the heat zones - and that depended on the room - were changed. In some cases, that change was simply destruction. In others, it left behind a new beauty, shaped by the environment.

This particular photo of Waiamea Bay on Oahu was warped into something new. The color changed, taking on a pinkish hue, and the melted sections (some of which stuck the glass that partially protected the image) left ochre and soot colored changes dead center. The frame itself became something more — with the blackened broken glass and a soot-charged wooded frame, it now offered a segueway into the gray and bubbled latex paint surrounding it.

It tells a different story than the original photo below. That said, it adds to our own story just as the original did.

Waiamea Bay, Oahu